• GoBe Body 2.6

GoBe Body 2.6


Create the ultimate flashlight system by adding innovative GoBe Lightheads to this compact battery handle with a high capacity 2.6 Ah battery.

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GoBe Body 2.6

Looking to create your own GoBe lighting system by mix and matching different lightheads?  The first step is acquiring the GoBe body which has an integrated lithium-ion battery and charging interface.  The 2.6 Ah Battery is compatible with all GoBe interchangeable lightheads except the 1000 Wide head, so there are a range of possibilities to start the ultimate portable flashlight system.


  • 2.6 Ah light body to power GoBe interchangeable lightheads
  • Standard GoBe body fully charges in 5 hours
  • Accurate battery status indicator LED with four color-coded status levels
  • Magnetic button eliminates failure points with electronic lockout switch to eliminate accidental activations
  • Compatible with all GoBe lightheads except the GoBe 1000 Wide Lighthead (This requires the higher capacity GoBe Fast Charge Body)
  • This body is standard on lights such as the GoBe Red Focus and has a larger battery capacity than the 2.2 Ah body, however using on brighter lightheads like the 800 Spot will slightly decrease runtime from the standard 1.5 hours
  • Does not include charge cable

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Product Testing = A Better Customer Experience

Product Testing = A Better Customer Experience

Product testing starts with our deeply held belief that our integrity as a company will be reflected in the products we create and our customers’ experiences with them.  In other words, making great products isn’t mainly about engineering features and specifications, but about a relentless passion for excellence in everything we do as a whole company.

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