Video Lights

Remarkable freedom to get the shot - powerful lighting sets up fast and renders colors beautifully for untethered creativity.

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Photo Lights

Stella CL Series frees your creative talent to stay in the moment, do more, and light things not possible with strobes.

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Bike Lights

Light & Motion, maker of the first rechargeable LED bike light, continues to lead with meaningful innovations that make you safer.

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Underwater Lights

Sola defined the compact LED dive light category and continues to lead with the most reliable, compact, powerful dive lights made.

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Adventure Lights

Compact, Powerful and waterproof, for head or helmet, our Adventure lights deliver the power demanded by enthusiasts.

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Drone Lights

High power, waterproof, ultra lightweight arrays that deliver powerful search lights as well as sync'd strobes for inspection imaging.

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FL1 Standard

Setting a High Standard: LEDs and Color Rendering

Lighting is integral to professional imagery - photographers, broadcasters, and cinematographers rely on ideal lighting to convey meaning and evoke emotion. Natural light brings an element of realism, yet rarely can image makers depend solely on it. Artificial lighting must be utilized to fill the void when natural conditions are subpar. The major challenge of blending light sources is rendering colors accurately to mimic natural light.The Stella CL series has gained recognition for its remarkable clean, balanced light. It uses Cree COB array that collapses the old large rows of LEDs into a single silicone wafer with a custom studio phosphor to deliver remarkable power in a highly portable compact light.

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On Location

Light & Motion on set in the Himalayas

Mark Fisher of Fisher Creative relies on Light & Motion LED lights for much of his captivating documentaries. His latest film, Soundtrek, details legendary Paul Oakenfold and his quest to bring the party to Everest Basecamp. Watch as Mark explains why Light & Motion's portable continuous lights were vital for many scenes in the film.