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Taz 1200 Summit Silver

Our misprint is your opportunity!  The Taz all-in-one light is the essential handlebar light for road and trail.



Ultimate Trail Combo

Combining the impressive Seca 1800 with the ultra-compact Trail 1000, this dual light kit provides riders the perfect balance of power and beam pattern.



Urban 350

Innovative safety features combined with robust reliability, Urban 350 is the perfect light for budget-conscious cyclists needing premium performance.



GoBe 850 Wide

A powerful, cost-effective lighting option perfect for underwater photo and video or even lighting wide open areas topside.



GoBe Action Kit

Take GoPro footage to the next level with this all-in-one dual light kit and camera tray that is designed to provide a versatile, travel-ready imaging solution.



GoBe Video Kit

A versatile single-light kit allowing content creators the flexibility of multiple lightheads and various mounting options for the revolutionary GoBe light.