LED Bike Lights: Front & Rear Lights for Bicycles

Light & Motion, maker of the first rechargeable LED bike light, continues to lead with meaningful innovations that make you safer.

Urban Cycling

Lights that make you safer with side lights and Safe Pulse - proven by the Highway Patrol to improve a driver's ability to judge distance and safely overtake

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Road Biking

Ride with confidence through lighting design that maximizes visibility at any time, in any weather.

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Mountain Biking

Riding involves immersing oneself in the moment and tapping into the "flow." Night or day - let the world be your playground.

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Prioritizing rider safety with features that increase visibility on the roadway which is important with higher commuting speeds that e-bikes deliver.

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Bike Combo Kits

Need a full set up? We have crafted the perfect light combinations to meet specific needs from trail riding to urban commuting. Save on our combo kits!

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Bike Lights

Vya Switch

The revolutionary safety features of Vya with button control for multiple modes.  Great for all day rides and control freaks!


Vis Trail

Vis Trail is for the trailblazers – a high power light with extended runtime packed into an ultra light-weight lighthead. Connect to one of your existing Light & Motion battery packs or pair with a battery of choice by selecting from our recommended accessories below.


Taz 1500

A powerful handlebar light loved by commuters and trail riders alike for its innovations and unmatched beam pattern.


Ultimate Trail Combo

Combining the impressive Seca 1800 with the ultra-compact Trail 1000, this dual light kit provides riders the perfect balance of power and beam pattern.

$379.99 $299.99

Urban 350

Innovative safety features combined with robust reliability, Urban 350 is the perfect light for budget-conscious cyclists needing premium performance.

$39.99 $29.99

Vis Pro Adventure

The revolutionary waterproof lighting system that mounts to a bike helmet plus the included head strap for every adventure on and off the bike.


Vis 360 Pro

The revolutionary helmet lighting system featuring integrated front and rear lights for 360 degrees of protective visibility.


Vis 180 Pro

Commute with confidence knowing the world’s most visible taillight is providing protection from passing motorists.


Vya Pro Commuter Combo

The ultimate in commuter technology, designed to provide riders a compact and ultra-visible front and rear lighting set.


Vya Commuter Combo

Powerful SafePulse beam and auto-on convenience is the perfect ultra-compact front/rear combo for urban riders.


Vya Smart Headlight

An urban riders favorite compact headlight, always-on SafePulse beam and 10 hour runtime gets noticed in traffic.


Vya Pro Smart Headlight

Smart safety redefined, the compact Vya Pro is the first bike headlight to automatically adjust riding modes.


Vya Pro Smart Taillight

Be seen over 2KM away, Vya Pro is designed for daily riders who require premium visibility day and night.


Vya Smart Taillight

The future of taillights, smart technology provides effortless safety in an powerful, convenient design.


Urban 500 & Vya Combo

The timeless Urban headlight, a commuting favorite, is paired with the smart Vya, the next evolution in taillights.


Urban 1000 Commuter Combo

The latest in bike light technology, premium performance is enhanced by industry leading safety features.


Rando 500

Extended your adventure with this double-runtime 500 lumen light with on-the-go charging capability. Rando can simultaneously trickle-charge from a USB battery pack or USB dynamo setup.


Urban 500

All of the safety features and reliability of the best-selling Urban series in a value-conscious platform.


Urban 700

Bold output, durable construction, and enhanced safety features create an ideal light for the avid cyclist.


Urban 1000

The latest in bike light technology, performance is enhanced by industry leading safety features.


Urban 1000 FC

The ultimate light for the daily commuter requiring premium safety features, powerful output, and fast charge capability.


Trail 1000 FC

Mount on a helmet or handlebar and pump out an impressive 1000 lumens to light up the night.


Taz 2000

The world’s most powerful battery-integrated light for cyclists who require exceptional range of vision.


Taz 1200 Black Raven

The ultimate road and trail handlebar light option designed for riders who want a powerful, wide beam.


Seca Enduro

The ultimate trail light ready for epic adventure with premium power and unmatched innovation.


Seca Race

Premium beam pattern for dedicated cyclists sneaking in a ride after work or competing in 24 hour races.


Seca 1800 e-Bike

Game changing illumination for e-Bikes, turn night into light for epic long-distance adventure.


Tuck e-Bike Taillight

Focus on the road ahead confidently knowing you are highly visible with performance rear lighting.


Nip-n-Tuck e-Bike Set

Nip’s powerfully focused beam and Tuck’s ultra-visible rear pulsing light reinvents e-Bike illumination.


Nip 500

Maximize visibility on the daily commute with the only e-Bike light series focused on rider safety.


Nip 800

The most important e-Bike upgrade: powerful daylight visible lighting with enhanced side lights.


Light & Motion lights have been with me when I broke the record on the Kokopelli Trail, they went up Mt. Kilimanjaro, and they traveled down the Ho Chi Minh Trail lighting the way on the biggest expedition of my life. They have never let me down.

Rebecca Rusch