Drone Lights

High power, waterproof, ultra lightweight arrays that deliver powerful search lights as well as sync’d strobes for inspection imaging.

Drone Hobbyists

The most powerful compact lights designed to create captivating aerial imagery. Possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

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Drone Professionals

Deliver next level imaging with the world's most powerful cinema-inspired aerial lights.

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Drone Enterprise

High resolution inspection, security deployment, rescue operations - powerful lighting with strobe and continuous output.

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Light & Motion's drone lights have been a game changer; their lumen to weight ratio plus the ability to adjust focus of the beam of light enables us to fly lighter and brighter. The clean LED light is perfect for our sensitive cinema cameras providing an even, workable light in difficult and variable conditions on set.

Bestselling Drone Lights

Seca 2200d Drone Light

Inspiring drone pilots to take aerial lighting to the next level, Seca pioneers small-drone capability.


Stella Pro CL 5000d (Drone)

Powerful aerial lighting designed to meet the demands of emerging weather-proof drone technology.


Stella Pro CL 10,000d (Drone)

Bring the output of an HMI light airborne with the world's most powerful professional drone light.

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FL-1 Standard

FL-1 Standard Professional LED Camera Lighting

LED camera lights are gaining momentum as the choice for event photography, ENG use, documentary filmmaking, cinema – even fashion photographers are experimenting with continuous LED lighting now. The advantages are many: they are solid state, are very robust, last over 20,000 hours, run very efficiently, can be tuned to deliver accurate daylight balanced light, and do not generate the heat of other lights. The portable LED lights with on board batteries are cord free and can operate off the grid or in any location giving photographers and filmmakers the same freedom they enjoy with their cameras.

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