VIS 360 RUN adds Safety with All Around Visibility

August 14, 2014

Photo by Sara Litardo

If you are a trail runner like myself you are constantly on the hunt for that choice trail to lose yourself on a daily basis!

Having a family and full-time job beyond racing means there are very few hours in the day left to train.  Sometimes getting off pavement is out of the question due to where you live or are traveling or because you don’t have the luxury of time to reach that special trail.  This weekend was one of those occasions for me when I was going to be running serious distances on roads.

In order to avoid copious amounts of traffic and the heat of the day I decided to start my adventure at 6pm…  Ok now to think about safety, yes there is less traffic but also less visibility of the runner.  The new VIS 360 RUN from Light and Motion is just the ticket!   360 degree visibility of me by cars, pedestrians and anything else that may be out on the roads.

The front light has ample lumen output for confident running in all terrain, the rear light is VERY noticeable and the battery life seems solid!  I completely charged up the light before I left for my run and ran with the light on high for 3 hours.  The light never wavered and I felt completely safe the entire run.  Not only did I enjoy the comfort of seeing and being seen…. my family enjoys the comfort of knowing that I am safe on the roads training for life. ChadDenning_family

I love to be outside competing  at a high level as long as my body and equipment will allow. I need to feel confident that my lighting is going to be powerful and reliable at night when I get in a large chunk of my training.

Safe training and happy trails as that is where I can usually be found!

Chad Denning gets his kicks with the ultra distance (100 mile +) adventures of exploration on foot, mountain bike and XC Ski.