VIS 360 Can Save Your Life

February 6, 2014

By Kevin Mitchell

The Vis 360 can save your life. I have witnessed this on several occasions while on my daily commute to work, when distracted drivers are rushing to get to their own jobs on time, coffee in one hand and cell phone in the other. It’s a scary driving world out there and being on a bike requires every possible defense. This includes being uber-aware of your surroundings and the distracted drivers zooming around. It also includes making yourself uniquely visible within the environment you are riding.

Lights can help a rider be seen in traffic when bright enough. Some of these are cheap blinky lights that help a rider to comply with traffic laws, but do little to help the rider stand out in a busy street scene and are generally of low quality and short life span. Other lights can be bright enough to be seen but may have other limitations to consider (for example, alkaline battery systems have unregulated power and dim over time, making them less effective). Good rechargeable lights can help you stand out in traffic AND see where you are going, further protecting you from being in the line of traffic. However, the ultimate commuting light can be found in the Vis 360, which is a rechargeable, regulated, high-quality, bright light with distinct features that are very applicable to urban riding.

The Vis 360 is a one of a kind, patented commuter light that offers high profile visibility to help a rider stand out in traffic. As a unique helmet mounted system, the system provides 360 degrees of lighting outputs, which gives commuters a complete solution for being seen from all sides. The design of the Vis 360 creates a light weight and low profile light that simply blends into the rider’s helmet. Most importantly, this light occupies a spatial zone that enables it stand out from other lights in the urban environment, whereas other lights can tend to blend into the environment or be obscured from vision.

Let me explain: when I am zooming down the hill on my way to work, there are many side streets that cars pull out from. Sometimes, the drivers do quick stop and go’s rather than a complete and safe stop to look in both directions before proceeding. Usually, they will see me coming and slam their brakes before proceeding too far. However, the story changes a bit when they are pulling out from behind another object (like another parked car). If I were to ride only with a handle bar mounted light, they often will not see it. However, having the Vis 360 high up on my helmet makes it more visible AND gives me the option to look towards them with my light shining directly at them. This gives them the advance warning they need to not slam into you. There are many other examples of this, when cars might not see a handle bar mounted light because something is blocking that field of vision, and yet the helmet mounted light stands out.

The difference is do you want a light that truly stands out in a busy commuting environment? How important is your safety? Will the Vis 360 save your life too?
Kevin Mitchell - Light & Motion

Kevin Mitchell is the North American Bike Sales Manager for Light & Motion. He is an avid commuter and he can be found on the local single track trails out at Laguna Seca every weekend!