L&M + DUI Demo Tour Alexandria


Event Information

Alexandria, NY
Things to Know:
FREE Demo Light Rentals; Lunch is Provided
October 5, 2018
9 AM - 4 PM
Additional Info

Come Experience Light & Motion and DUI dry suits.  We are traveling the country to give the best lighting and drysuit diving experience to over 30,000 divers! Working with the DUI dealers in the area, DUI puts up two circus tents and then fills them with equipment designed and manufactured by DUI, the world’s leader in drysuits.dui

Each event is a full weekend starting at 9am each day. Come prepared with your regular dive equipment except for your suit. After you go through registration, we’ll fit you with everything you need to dive dry, warm and comfortable. You’ll go in the water with a dive leader (no need to be drysuit certified) who will show you the basics on how to use a drysuit. Hungry? We’ll have a barbecue lunch and every diver gets a FREE DUI TEST DIVE TEAM hat.

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