Sarah Kaufmann

Salt Lake City, UT

I got started in cycling when I tore my ACL skiing. Cycling was the first exercise I could do as part of my rehab. Skiing competitively was pretty much out at that point and before long I was hooked on the riding anyway. I didn't try racing for several years and I didn't try mountain biking until a couple of years after that. But before long the competitive side of me got sucked in and I started racing mountain bikes.

SarahKaufmannRight now I am really enjoying the shorter XC races where you put your head down and pedal as hard as you can for 2hrs and by the time it really starts to hurt... it's over! I love riding my bike and I think I'm fastest when I'm having fun.

Sarah rides for Stan’s NoTubes Elite Women’s Team. She hopes to share the joy mountain biking has brought her with others by supporting the emerging Utah High School Mountain Bike League.

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