Michael Baroni

Monterey, CA

I pedal 70 to 100 miles each day delivering court documents, promotional materials, and meals for the elderly. I have over 200 clients and that means I am on my bike from early in the morning until night.

Green Pedal Couriers

When I am on the road I need to see, be seen, and feel safe. As soon as I got the VIS 360 it changed how vehicles saw me. I noticed that people fully stopped at intersections when they saw me coming. The difference was like night and day. The side lighting really helps!

Now I use my lights in the early morning, when it’s foggy, when it rainy, and at high traffic times in the day. I have a new Vis 180 taillight and I switch it on when ever I am on the bike.

I’ve had a lot of blinkies and lesser lights but the L&M are easy to use and they have outlasted all the others. I can put these lights on a pedestal.

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