Kip Evans

Pacific Grove, CA

For more than two decades Kip has been exploring the ocean and guiding conservation efforts through his documentary photography projects. He has participated in or led over fifty expeditions throughout the world including recent explorations in Alaska, Cuba, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, and Panama. Working on a number of National Geographic Society projects including the Sustainable Seas Expeditions, he served as the chief photographer for noted oceanographer and marine biologist, Dr. Sylvia Earle.

In 2008, Kip joined Mission Blue as the Director of Photography and Expeditions, documenting “hope spots,” critical areas around the world’s ocean that need protection. As a diver and submersible pilot, Kip holds a number of certifications including PADI Scuba Instructor, Diver Medical Technician (DMT,) Scientific Research Diver and he is currently rated to dive the Deep Worker and Deep Rover Submersibles to their full operating depths of 2,000 and 3,000 feet respectively. He has also logged over 1,500 hours underwater, mostly during research and photographic expeditions. In April 2015 he and Sylvia Earle traveled to Cocos, Costa Rica to document the changing ocean for TV and Film productions to be released later this year.

This year Kip continues to push the envelop personally and creatively as one of the 9 Aquanauts working and living in the Aqaurius Habitat as a part of Fabien Cousteau's Mission 31. The project has the potential to reach millions of people, many of which don’t know much about the ocean, or underwater exploration.

Kip graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara where he received a degree in environmental studies. Kip's photography has served to make the need to protect the oceans visible to people worldwide.

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