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Advances in digital cameras typically grab most of the headlines in the photography press as a tech-savvy world awaits the next product offerings from Canon and Nikon and their competitors. But ultimately our images are defined by light and as lighting technology has advanced, so too have the possibilities for creating pictures we could only have imagined a generation ago.

I’m a Florida photographer and most of my shooting is in or around water. Over the years, I’ve done a lot of nighttime photography with flashlights in ziploc bags underwater, or oversized Q-Beam spotlights in vinyl bags, or just standard dive lights. All have served me well enough, or so I thought before I got my Sola 1200.

The versatility of wide-or-spot beam-spread, with three separate power levels and ultra-clean color temperature, combined with more lumens than I can count and all in a package that fits easily in my pocket is a true marvel of engineering excellence. As far as lighting gear goes, the Sola 1200 is pretty much a wet dream come true. I insist on using a top-of-the-line camera. It’s a real joy to have added this top-of-the-line lighting gear to my toolkit.

Oasis in the Dark/Suwannee River is a collaborative photo made in a Florida spring by John Moran and David Moynahan, using a variety of lighting gear including the Light and Motion Sola 1200. and

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