Francois-Xavier "FX" De Ruydts

Vancouver, BC

Francois with his wife Idalina Francois with his wife Idalina

Francois-Xavier "FX" De Ruydts is a photographer and geographer based out of Vancouver, Canada.

FX started off as a Geographer in Belgium, but wanted to get closer to the things he was studying, to touch, hike and climb them. He soon fled the office and became a photographer and videographer to pursue his passion for adventure and nature. At the same time, he moved to Vancouver, Canada with his wife Idalina. He never looked back.

His approach to photography has always been driven by a passion for exploration. While trying to focus on less known and more exploratory activities, his goal is to bring people into places they had never seen before, to inspire people and to make them care about the places they live in. He strives to bring back not only the images he can do, but the images he wants to do. That endeavor has pushed him to learn how to survive and take photos in all sorts of environments. Rock faces, murky caves, deep slot canyons, hot deserts and the underwater world have become his playgrounds. Among others, he has worked with Canadian Geographic Magazine, National Geographic Adventure, BC Magazine, Explore Magazine, Outside Magazine, Maclean's, Le Figaro Magazine, Réponses Photo, Outdoor Photography Canada and more.

FX's new movie "Down The Line" is meeting great success at film festivals around the globe for the moment. In this 22min film, he tells the story of the discovery and exploration of two magnificent canyons near Squamish, BC.

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