El Grupo

Tucson, Arizona

El Grupo is a youth cycling organization that provides youth with experiences that are fun, skill-building and bike-centered, so that they can acquire the self-confidence and leadership skills to be active and healthy members of the community. Since our grassroots founding in 2005, our mission is to empower youth through bicycles. We aim to instill life-long healthy habits and build character and camaraderie through bicycle riding, racing and outreach. Through our programs, we are getting youth on bikes, and they in turn are teaching, inspiring and empowering other youth to ride, enjoy and love bikes.

Today, El Grupo reaches over 800 youth annually that are underserved or simply uninspired and gives them something positive to be excited about, as well as confidence in themselves. We are fostering the next generation of active, healthy, and community-minded cycling enthusiasts and leaders in Tucson.

El Grupo has earned a podium spot with at least one, and more often several, of the 5-person co-ed (under 150) teams it brings to its favorite event of the year - Epic Rides' 24 Hours in Old Pueblo - every year (for the past 6 years!) we have participated. Youth have earned over 50 state championships in the past 5 years alone in road racing, time trailing, cyclocross, and mountain biking. In fact, in 2013 El Grupo took 1st place as a team in the new Arizona High School MTB League out of 28 teams across the state!

And all of this has been completed on donated, refurbished bicycles, equipment and gear made possible from generous donations from the community! El Grupo prides itself on making the world of cycling - in all its wonderful forms and for all its amazing benefits - accessible to youth who would not otherwise have these opportunities.

Light & Motion has sponsored El Grupo since 2010.

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