Rachel Graham

Director Belize Shark Project

Rachel is a conservation biologist who has over 20 years of experience in environmental and development in Latin America and Africa. Rachel has dedicated the past 15 years to the research and conservation of apex marine predators including reef-associated sharks and a species-specific focus on whale sharks, manta rays and goliath grouper. Recent projects focus on the biology and spatial ecology of threatened species of fish and the integration of results with identification of anthropogenic threats into management strategies – that include MPA networks and trans-frontier conservation of migratory marine species.

Rachel believes in an inclusive grassroots approach to science, outreach and resource management and shares her time working on the research and conservation of sharks at local, national and international levels in several countries that most recently include Belize, Cuba, Madagascar, Honduras, Mexico and Pohnpei, Micronesia. In 2011, Rachel won the Whitley Fund for Nature Gold Award for her work with sharks and communities. In all, Rachel is proudest of her two sons, Xavi and Gabe, who of course love the sea and its myriad of denizens.


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