Cyril Jay Rayon

Santa Monica, CA

Cyril is the captain of DART-nuun-Feed-the-Machine adventure team. The team goals are to compete in some of the world's toughest adventure races as well as to support the growth of their sport through clinics, camps, and other forms of community involvement.

"I like most sports that allow me to explore the backcountry. If pavement is involved, you won't find me there, at least not by choice. There are many reasons I love exploring the great outdoors through endurance sports. While I understand some, many still elude me. I guess that's why I keep going back. The journey that leads to a deeper understanding is what's so exciting. One thing is certain, I feel alive and have a deep sense of contentment when I'm outdoors. I feel connected to my world in the backcountry."

The events that push Cyril the most are those that are very long like 24-hour solo mountain biking and multiday adventure races.


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