Amos Nachoum

Pacific Grove, CA

Amos Nachoum is a wildlife photographer and explorer. He has shot just about everything there is to shoot, war, journalism, fashion…but what he loves most is wildlife photography – especially if it's in the water. And he has become world-famous at it.

He has co-produced documentaries with Stan Waterman, and he was the team leader for National Geographic's Red Sea, Great White Shark, and Killer Whale photo expeditions.

Amos's photos and essays have appeared in hundreds of publications around the globe, including National Geographic, Time, Life, The New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, Le Figaro, Terra Sauvage, Airone, Mondo Somerso, Der Spiegel, Unterwasser.

Amos's photography has won Nikon, Communication Arts, Lucie award and twice (2008 & 2009) the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, animal behavior category. At 2012, first place at the highly regarded American Photography Artist competition.

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