Why the Sola Photo 1200 Light is Right for Franco Banfi

As many underwater photographers, I spent long time looking for a good and multitasking focus-light allowing my gear to work properly in low light conditions and allowing me to get close to critters that are sensitive to the light. I finally found what I was looking for when I first used the Light & Motion SOLA PHOTO 1200. I love the chance to easily switch to red mode, that is really useful when I shot the macro subjects.

The SOLA PHOTO 1200 is a small and sturdy focus light that weights only 248gr…. This is a must for globe-trotter photographers who usually carry a lot of heavy stuff.

FrancoBanfi_Sola1200I mounted the focus light on top of my housing. When I shoot photos, normally I use it at the lower power of 300 lumens, but I know that I can turn the power to the max 1200 lumens when needed. I do it during the night dives, when my SOLA PHOTO 1200 can very well replace my torch.

And it is really easy to switch from quarter, through half, to full power using only a couple of fingers to slide the switcher.

What I like even more is the fluency to change from the white light to the red light and back if I need.

Franco Banfi is a Light & Motion ambassador. Franco is an acclaimed photographer and author - his images and stories help us appreciate the majestic beauty of the underwater world.

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