Diving with one of the Greats

As a celebration of Ernie Brooks 80th birthday this month, Ed Stetson organized a memorable dive trip to Socorro Island.  The exceptional company included Ernie's friends: underwater celebrities and lifelong divers and photographers such as Howard and Michelle Hall, Tom Campbell, Wyland, Zale Perry, Gery Murphy, Dan Orr, Norbert Wu, Rick Salas, Chuck Davis, Bernie Campoli, Berkeley White,  Annie Crawley, and Light & Motion founder, Mike Topolovac. Just for fun, we tallied up the number of diving years combined between the 26 divers on board and came up with a total of 1110 years!

During this unforgettable trip, we dove with whale sharks, manta rays, schools of jacks and various species of sharks in spectacular underwater locations such as “The Boiler” and “ Roca Pardita”.

Light & Motion SOLA lights were used on every dive and enhanced many  visuals of the manta rays by including divers with lights in the pictures.

ErnieBrookswSolas_Socorro2 ErnieBrookswSolas_Socorro

Ernie Brooks was amazed by the power and quality of our new imaging lights. A number of professional shooters in this group already used Light & Motion lights or were familiar with them. Rick Salas, Howard Hall, Nancy Mc Gee, Annie Crawley have Light & Motion photo and/or video lights.

Having the NEW Sola lights on board to share with the group was the icing on the cake!



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