Barcelona World Race with Light & Motion!

I am really happy to join the Light and Motion team and carry their brilliant lights with me as I race around the world. I have long admired the L&M lights from when I was racing mountain bikes at night so I really value the opportunity to work with such an innovative company that builds excellent products that serves all my key interests.

Like mountain bikers and endurance racers, ocean sailboat racers don't back off the pace when the sun goes down and good lighting is crucial for trimming the sails when we are barrelling through the darkness. The Barcelona World Race is a non-stop double- handed sailing race around the world, starting in Barcelona on the 31st of December and returning three months later. While at sea we will tackle the worst that mother nature can throw at us while pushing hard in the Southern Ocean where the water temperature drops below 40F and winds top 60 knots.

ConradColemanSpirit_bestNon-stop around the world makes this the longest sporting event in the world, in any sport. As such, its great to be able to recharge our lights as we go to avoid carrying, and depleting, disposable batteries.

Conrad Coleman is a sponsored sailing ambassador for Light & Motion - he has the Solite 250 EX and the GoBe Search on board for the Barcelona World Race. You can follow him and the race here:

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