Red Bull Media House Field Tests Stella!

Before we launch any product we test it in the lab, test it to the FL-1 Standard, and before it goes into production we test it in the field with our ambassadors and professional-end users. Field testing is critical because it takes the prototype model and puts it to the acid test. We won't build a production model until we know our prototypes function perfectly. We were pretty confident about the performance of the new Stella LED imaging lights but we decided to live dangerously and give them to Red Bull for the ultimate test. If you want to punish your equipment, take it to the folks that relish putting themselves and their equipment into extreme environments in remote locations!

Nick Schrunk, Creative Director for the Red Bull Media House had this to say after using Stella on the multi-week documentary shoot in Southeast Asia this spring:850-0335-A_StellaPro5000_USJP_2

"We're always trying to push the limit of what production value we can bring to the most remote and logistically challenging locations around the world. For our productions we needed lights that weren't just reliable and consistent output and color temperature, but we also needed them to be waterproof and reliable with the wear and tear of the extreme environments we were in.  The high-lumen output and factory sealed battery allowed us to shoot everything from studio interviews to full downpours and underwater with a single lighting option that was as beautiful as it was resilient."

Ryan Young, the Red Bull Media House DP, used the light for a variety of uses modifying to be a sharp and soft light. He was able to put Stella through its paces - you can listen to his testimonial here.

With this success and other trials, Stella is now ready to launch!  Take a look at our website and when your find your perfect Stella light check out the list of authorized dealers here.

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