Why Rebecca Rusch Chooses L&M

Photo: Kris Hanning

by Rebecca Rusch

I have spent my fair share of time in the dark and I've been using Light & Motion for more than 10 years to power my adventures.

I first started working with Light & Motion in my adventure racing days. I only rode a bike because it was part of the bigger picture of adventure racing. I walked Interbike trade show with a teammate and looked at every bike light company there. I had only used a regular headlamp and knew nothing about light technology. After a quick, in-depth education our team chose to use Light and Motion for two reasons. First, was the absolute quality of the product. L&M's background is in underwater lighting equipment. If they can build a light for those intense conditions, a mountain bike light should be a breeze. They were far ahead of the curve at that time and they still continue to set the trends. The second reason we chose Light & Motion was the clearly passionate and friendly people we talked to at the booth. We did not get the brush off or a canned speech. Instead, real riders got super excited to show us their hard work.

Athlete: Rebecca Rusch - Red Bull "Rusch Hour", Kokopelli Trail - PORTRAITFor thousands of miles of night riding around the world, I have never been disappointed with my decision that day. They are super bright, insanely durable and the company keeps innovating. I have won 3 24-Hour World Championships and set many endurance records with Light & Motion lighting the way.

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