Divetech Is Helping Us Depth Test Our Lights

Committed to providing the ultimate dive experience, we are super excited to be working with Divetech to help us  depth test our lights.  They are currently working with some of our upcoming prototype models to ensure the absolute best performance.

Check them out if you're interested in exploring the Cayman Islands.

Divetech is Grand Cayman's full service resort for world-class diving, offering the best quality training available, both recreational and technical, along with some great dive and room packages with Cobalt Coast Dive Resort  and Lighthouse Point Our values are:

  • Friendly staff with a commitment to the enjoyment of your diving vacation

  • Exceptional Customer Service & a full refund policy

  • Diving to your certification level with 100% computer diving

  • Offering unique adventures within your dive vacation

  • Providing excellent maintenance for our shops, boats and equipment

  • Having lots of fun :)

  • Freedom, Safety and Adventure!

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