Fluorescence at 30,000 feet – and on Bonaire

By Charles Mazel

I was flying to San Diego recently on Alaska Airlines and casually opened up their in-flight magazine. Much to my surprise there was an article about what to see and do on Bonaire – diving, of course, plus wind- and kite-surfing, caves, donkey sanctuary, national park, and much more. The article closed with a description of the author’s fluorescence night dive with Leo Hoogenboom of Flow Bonaire ( – ‘It’s a mesmerizing experience seeing sponges, corals, and other sea creatures glow under our lights.”

Fluoro Fire Worm by Zsuzsanna Pusztai Fluoro Fire Worm by Zsuzsanna Pusztai

There’s lots of opportunity for fluorescence night diving now on Bonaire – Flow, VIP Diving, Buddy Dive, and more. The waters around the island have always been tropical blue in the daytime, and now they glow blue at night. The photo attached here was taken by Leo’s wife Zsuzsanna Pusztai.

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