Product Integrity

Product integrity is a core driver of our business practices. Our customers see a reflection of our team in each product we ship. The drive for product with integrity has caused us to build a team that is highly integrated and works under one roof.

We have learned that to design great products, you need to build them. The process of building and making, teaches more about design than the best education money can buy. The process of constant improvement has allowed our team to double our productivity products over 4 years. Said another way, we have halved our labor costs while delivering a far better product.

Last year our slowest production step on our popular Urbans was packaging. We dove into packaging with a complete re-design that dramatically improved the visual presentation of the product at retail while streamlining assembly.

The drive for product integrity has touched all aspects of the business. It has directed our efforts to completely re-think our customer service policies. We trust our customers to be truthful with us, and if they see a problem we replace the product quickly. We track everything so we can see where we have issues and bring focus to these areas.

Behind the product integrity is a team driven to have the best solution. It informed us to develop and patent the Vis 360, which provides the most visible bike light for commuters on the market. Listening to our customers, we developed the GoBe, the first go anywhere, do-anything rechargeable light. GoBe can dive deeper than any light we have ever developed, and has the flexibility to mount just about anywhere you want. It has been used to research coral health in the oceans with its red light head, act as a deck light on ocean crossings, and hit the trails on a mountain bike bar.

Our new TAZ uses the brightest white CREE Leds and puts out 1500 lumens and fits into the palm of your hand. That is brighter than a motorcycle headlamp and recharges with any cell phone charger! The pace of innovation is relentless. But we find it fun and rewarding and so do our customers.

Product integrity has pushed us to lead the effort to bring truth in reporting to the bike industry. We launched a significant PR effort in support of the FL-1 standard for light output. In two years we have shamed the industry into being honest with customers about their lumen output. This year, for the first time, all the major bike light companies are using the FL-1 standard on their packaging thanks to our dedication to the truth.

We like challenging the status quo. Building products in California is swimming upstream. We are the only bike brand committed to building all our products here. It takes a highly effective team to stay ahead of the cheaper Asian imports. We like that kind of challenge, because that is what building a better company is all about.


Daniel Emerson is the CEO of Light & Motion. He has a Master's Degree in Manufacturing System Engineering from Standford University. He pushes us to continually look for ways to improve our processes to build a better product while building a better company.

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