Constant Lighting with Shawn Heinrichs

shawnvideorays1"Lighting was key to the success of the shoot, and working closely with Light & Motion, we assembled and deployed a lighting array of 16 Sola 4000s that generated almost 70,000 lumens of light underwater!"

"No other lighting solution could have delivered the massive amount of light we needed, with several hours of burn time and in such a compact format. Independent and portable light heads enabled us to constantly reposition lights to address swell, tidal shifts and plankton accumulation. We also avoided any manta entanglement risks that come with using surface supplied lighting."

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  • Diana McNeel

    This is an amazing, beautiful film, and it touches me that it is for the Manta Rays, and to save the creatures of the sea. Thank You. I will share it with my many sea loving friends:). Diana McNeel

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