Expedition Educates Communities on Sea Ice Loss & Climate Change

Photo: Jill Heinerth

The Sedna EPIC Expedition brought ten remarkable women to the Arctic on a proof of concept project that combined outreach with Inuit communities with education on loss of sea ice and global climate change. In an effort to remain as sustainable as possible, we tried to minimize our own environmental impact by reducing shipping weight as low as possible and using products developed by companies that shared an ethic in sustainability.

I took my Light & Motion Tech 600 light as well as Sola 4000 video lights to fill all the lighting needs of the project. The Solas were used for both fill light in still photography and beautiful video lighting for our filming work. I knew they could withstand tough shipping through multiple flights and boat crossings and perform well with quick recharge times. I never questioned that they would deliver top performance on days where they were exposed to near freezing water temperatures for up to four hours of submersion.


About Jill Heinerth: More people have walked on the moon, than have been to some of the places that Jill’s exploration has taken her right here on the earth. From the most dangerous technical dives deep inside underwater caves, to searching for never before seen ecosystems inside giant Antarctic Icebergs, to the lawless desert border area between Egypt and Libya while a civil war raged around her, Jill’s curiosity and passion about our watery planet is the driving force in her life. You can find out more about her passions at:


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