Three Easy Tips on How to Start Shooting UW Video and Photographs

July 15, 2014

Tip 1: Before taking underwater images, get used to shooting with your camera and lighting system on land. Land footage will be very important to establish your location and the story you want to tell with your images. It is also easier to use your camera and lighting system on land. If you can’t figure out the buttons and knobs out of the water, you will have a hard time once you are in the water.

Tip 2:  You should be comfortable at diving or snorkeling and understand the importance of neutral buoyancy. Get yourself into a pool and practice finning techniques with your camera and lighting system. Take some pool toys with you to mimic what you will be shooting in the open water. Practice the techniques you will learn from me in the pool before trying to do it in the open ocean.

Tip 3: Start thinking like a photo/video editor so you can put your material together into projects and stories. Study your favorite magazines. What kinds of images make the cut? Watch your favorite movie with the sound off and study the different ways the camera moves to tell the story. Start observing your world visually and look at your life as if you were taking a picture or video even if you are not carrying around your camera. It is important to always see the shot even if you are not taking the shot.

If you can think, ‘shooting, editing, and sharing’ you will be mindful of how you want to set up for each shot. So what are you waiting for? You don’t need to be great to get started, but you do need to get started to be great!

Annie Crawley is an award winning  photographer, author, and speaker. Stay tuned for weekly postings of  tips from Annie here and on our facebook page. You can also find out more about Annie at: