Why Color Matters

June 6, 2014

By Roxy Lo, Ibis Cycles, Partner/Industrial Designer; Light & Motion, Industrial Designer.

Color entices us, makes us feel excited, and when matched to our everyday world makes us feel at ease and satisfied. Sometimes we take chances on color, but we do so with design all the time.  This company has made a concerted effort to move from plain utility to bold expression, but we’ve done it methodically and with our core customers in mind.

We realize that we offer a giftable product.  At our price points, we understand our customers are making an investment in us. Whether the light is a gift or a purchase for themselves, we want to ensure our products are expressive and beautiful, matching their outdoor, underwater, or bike gear; whatever takes you outside.

When you want to “wow” someone, you want to make a visual impact.  That’s what color does for us!  Alternatively, we know that some of our customers just want to be low key: we run the gamut of flavors for you to choose from, hoping that one of the many color combinations will enable you to express who you are.

We review trends in the outdoor industry, learn about what major influences are happening in the world around us, and plan our colors accordingly.  There is only a little bit of magic to it, but we build our colors and finishes based on keen observation and a desire to coordinate with trends while still maintaining our brand and messaging.  Since we have different manufacturing capabilities, in the case of the in-house molded snap rings, we realized we could enliven the product with a simple splash of custom color. As the engineers obsess over the inner workings of the product, I obsess over the material choices, finish, aesthetic overall impression.

Photo by Elisa Cicinelli

Photo by Elisa Cicinelli

We travel, observe, and focus in on many activities to provide the best product we can make.  Color and finish are just a component of the overall goal of creating a compelling and considered product and we take it seriously.
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