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Experiencing the psychedelic array of fluorescing organisms, transforming what was once familiar into something extraordinary.

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In collaboration with leading fluorescent research scientist, Charles Mazel and underwater photographers/videographers - Light & Motion has designed the ultimate light to experience the magical effect of fluorescence. Using the perfect wavelength of blue light to maximize the effect of an organism's fluorescent response and a yellow barrier filter to to cancel the blue light, you transform your dive into a psychedelic wonderland.The Sola NightSea has already helped scientists make important discoveries in their research and has led the way for an entirely new type of underwater imaging.

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Sola Dive Family

Light & Motion has paired with Charles Mazel, a scientist with extensive research on fluorescence to collaborate on the development of a wavelength of blue light that maximizes an organism's fluorescent response. Never before has night-diving provided such surreal experiences or the ability for scientists to make new discoveries in underwater ecosystems.

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Gobe Family

Designed as the ultimate flashlight and a powerful underwater imaging solution. The GoBe platform allows users to configure the perfect lighting for every actvitiy. With versatile attachment for just about any system and six different compatible light-heads, the GoBe is the light that will enhance your favorite dive spots and show you the way to the next.

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We built it here in California and will replace, repair or upgrade for the life of the product

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We built it here in California and will replace, repair or upgrade it for the life of the product.

Our two year warranty doesn't merely provide you with peace of mind - it begins a conversation: about our commitment to you as a fellow outdoor enthusiast and as a good human being.  When you get a Light & Motion product, you also inherit our relentless pursuit of an enhanced experience; the perfect light.

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