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The Perfect Light for Paddelboarding

Why limit your paddleboard sessions to the daylight hours. Mounting a waterproof light with a powerful flood beam pattern to the underside of your board gives you visual reference for safety and navigation - while also offering a glimpse of the sea-life below. Wider beam angles provide better visibility of the surface in an immediate vicinity and spottier beams provide greater visibility over distance and are better for signaling. Light & Motion is committed to improving your experience of life and over the last 20 years have designed lights to push the limits of what you thought possible. Paddleboarding at night - it's what you've been dreaming of.

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Gobe Family

Let the sunset inspire and motivate your paddle experience rather than signal its end. Now with the GoBe, you can add a versatile and powerful lighting system to your paddle setup so you can do more of what you love. Gobe’s robust factory sealed design is waterproof to 120 meters, works on land and can be mounted to just about anything. Whether you need a beam pattern that punches the distance or fills the area with flood lighting, the GoBe has compatible light-heads that can get switched in-out for every situation.

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Solite Family

You have experienced the freedom of gliding across the water, but now it's time to extend that liberating feeling into the evening or early mornings. The Solite should not be submerged but is a powerful and versatile light that can provide the illumination to let you explore further on your paddleboard. Use it as a headlamp, flashlight, clip it onto your paddle, or as a lantern - this is the ultimate rechargeable lighting system to match your outdoor lifestyle.

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Sidekick Family

You go to extraordinary lengths to find yourself in epic moments but the lighting is almost never adequate to get a good shot. With Sidekick as a companion you have perfect lighting wherever you go.

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Deckhand Family

This is not your grandfather’s flashlight, with a beam of light that is as almost as bright as a motorcycle headlamp, and a high-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery you can plug it into any USB port and go. Simple mounting design sits comfortably in the palm of your hand, slipped into your PFD pocket, or can get mounted to a rail, stanchion or any GoPro Mount. Time to upgrade your crew and get a Deckhand.

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Enhanced Experience Guarantee

We built it here in California and will replace, repair or upgrade for the life of the product

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We built it here in California and will replace, repair or upgrade it for the life of the product.

Our two year warranty doesn't merely provide you with peace of mind - it begins a conversation: about our commitment to you as a fellow outdoor enthusiast and as a good human being.  When you get a Light & Motion product, you also inherit our relentless pursuit of an enhanced experience; the perfect light.

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