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The Perfect Light for Kayaking

When your playground is as big as the ocean, having a powerful light can enhance your experience on the water while making it much safer. For many trips, a splashproof headlamp provides the right amount of hands free light you need - especially for the self-supported extended voyage. If your paddle trip is going to have more watercraft around, it's good to have a red light mounted on the back to provide rear visibility as well as a white light on the front to navigate with.  Micro-USB charging is important for longer trips where you'd want to recharge with a solar charger, portable power supply, 12v car charger, etc.  

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Gobe Family

The perfect light to have on your boat - designed as the ultimate rechargeable marine flashlight that is waterproof and super bright. The GoBe platform allows users to configure the perfect lighting system for every sail with the ability to mount just about anywhere and change the lighthead for the ideal beam. Use the GoBe Focus (Red) Lighthead to provide visibility at night without disrupting night vision or the GoBe Search to signal with a powerfully focused beam pattern. With versatile mounting options and six different compatible light-heads, the GoBe is the light that will take you anywhere.

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Taz Family

When mounted to the topside of your kayak or directly onto a paddle, the Taz becomes a powerful navigation and signaling light. With the brightness of a car headlamp and hours of run-time in a compact body that fits in the palm of your hand, the Taz will quickly become an indispensable part of your kayaking setup. Use it as a flashlight when exploring new areas and paddle into the night with confidence that you can see and be seen.

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Solite Family

The versatility of the Solite will change the way you plan for your next kayak trip. With hands free lighting that does not dim over time and long run-times, you can paddle into the night or get an early start before the sun rises. Self-supported kayak trips will benefit from this splashproof headlamp that converts to a flashlight, mounts to a bar or helmet and set down as a directional lantern. The micro-USB charging is compatible with any USB device including solar chargers and common backup power supplies. Special operation modes include camp mode for up to 150+ hours run time and SOS mode for emergency situations.

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Sidekick Family

You go to extraordinary lengths to find yourself in epic moments but the lighting is almost never adequate to get a good shot. With Sidekick as a companion you have perfect lighting wherever you go.

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Deckhand Family

This is not your grandfather’s flashlight, with a beam of light that is as almost as bright as a motorcycle headlamp, and a high-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery you can plug it into any USB port and go. Simple mounting design sits comfortably in the palm of your hand, slipped into your PFD pocket, or can get mounted to a rail, stanchion or any GoPro Mount. Time to upgrade your crew and get a Deckhand.

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We built it here in California and will replace, repair or upgrade it for the life of the product.

Our two year warranty doesn't merely provide you with peace of mind - it begins a conversation: about our commitment to you as a fellow outdoor enthusiast and as a good human being.  When you get a Light & Motion product, you also inherit our relentless pursuit of an enhanced experience; the perfect light.

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