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The Perfect Light for Running

When running is a big part of your lifestyle, the perfect light will help achieve your mileage goals. We have engineered lighting solutions that keep you safer with side lighting that provides extra visibility near roads and plenty of lumens to confidently run through the dark stretches. Micro-USB charging lets recharge from just about anywhere and stop wasting money on disposable alkaline batteries.  Using high-capacity lithium-ion batteries also lets us develop firmware that provides consistent output so your light doesn't dim during use.

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Solite Family

If you can't add more hours in the day, let the Solite bring more light to your life. Introducing a world where you can run after the sun sets, with confidence in your every step. Side lighting makes you extra visible to cars when crossing streets and the high lumen outputs lets you see exactly where you are stepping. Micro-USB charging makes it as easy as your phone to keep charged up - so you never have to deal with disposable batteries again. Ergonomic headstrap with internal wave grip keeps the Solite comfortably in place - and the ultralight design lets you forget it is even on.

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Vis 360 Pro Family

When putting in the miles, you want to make sure that you protect yourself from injury. New for 2014 the VIS 360 Run is developed as the ultimate light for runners, based on an award winning, patented design that delivers a full 360 degrees of visible light so you can both see AND be seen when out on the roads.

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Imjin Family

For the runner that goes off the beaten path and blazes their own trail. The Imjin assists trail runners through the longest nights and helps adventure racers as they navigate to their next checkpoint. Add an adventure head strap to have the lightest/brightest setup available.

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Enhanced Experience Guarantee

We built it here in California and will replace, repair or upgrade for the life of the product

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We built it here in California and will replace, repair or upgrade it for the life of the product.

Our two year warranty doesn't merely provide you with peace of mind - it begins a conversation: about our commitment to you as a fellow outdoor enthusiast and as a good human being.  When you get a Light & Motion product, you also inherit our relentless pursuit of an enhanced experience; the perfect light.

Beata Wronska on the Solite 250 EX

Since I remember I have always ran. It was nothing big but once in a while I just felt like getting out no matter what…

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SoLite was Chad Denning's Secret…

1st lap was dark of course out of the gate and I brought my Light & Motion Solite 150 which was the perfect light…

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