Product Testing

July 21, 2014

At Light & Motion, we don’t mess around when it comes to product testing.  That’s why we were the first company in the industry to adopt the FL-1 standard to ensure our products are the highest quality and so our customers know the performance they’re getting.  The FL-1 standard includes tests for impact (drop) resistance, water ingress, light output (lumens), and runtime.

The impact resistance test is to drop the lights six times on concrete from 1m high, ensuring that the lights still work and nothing is cracked.

UrbanTanking-12The water inUrbanTanking-21gress test is either a high pressure hose with a special nozzle (IP-65) or submerged 1m underwater for 30 minutes (IP-67).  While the standard only requires that we test five units of each product, we put our 1m test fixture on the Urban assembly line to make absolutely sure our quality is maintained over time.

The light output (lumen) test represents the total amount of light across the entire beam pattern (not just how bright it is in the center).  This must be at least 30 seconds after the light is turned on because the output of an LED drops considerably if it heats up too much (our engineers work hard to make sure the heat gets away from the LED, so if your product gets hot on the outside, that means the heat sink is doing its job).

Runtime testing sounds straightforward, but there are ways to game the system by letting the light get really dim at the end of the burn.  We expect more from our products, so our runtimes tell you how long you can actually use the light on each mode.

In addition to the official FL-1 testing, we also put our products through lots of additional abuse- we try to crush them, shake them, throw them, heat them up, run them in a freezer, cycle them over and over and over, and even drop them in beer. The tunnel test is also a staple of our testing regime – we test all of our new products and our competitor’s lights too. Just look at any one of our product pages and scroll down to see the results:  Stand by for our new product test results this week!

110A7703-EffectEric Simon is the Product Integrity Czar at Light & Motion – he makes sure our products surpass the high quality and performance you expect!