Team Light & Motion takes on Expedition Idaho

December 28, 2013

Team Light & Motion has assembled an all-star team that hopes to land a top 5 finish at Expedition Idaho this week. The team members, Dave Lamb, Melissa Coombes, Erik Grimm, and Chad Denning have more than 10 years of adventure racing experience and know that this race will put their skills and endurance to the test.

Over 6 days, co-ed teams of 4 will undertake a 500 – 700 km expedition over some of the most beautiful, epic, and challenging terrain on Earth. The racers will use maps – (no electronic assist here!), compass and their own wits and skills to traverse across the wild panhandle of northern Idaho. The teams will navigate from Check Point to Check Point along an uncharted course by mountain biking, rafting, paddling, trekking, orienteering, trail running, and climbing.

Expedition Idaho Day 1 Results:
Team Thule was leading Seagate by over an hour at Transition Area 1, but by the time they had reached the giant rappel at Steven’s Peak, the Kiwis had closed the gap to 50 minutes. Due to some rock loosened by the late snow melt, the Inland Northwest Search and Rescue riggers decided to move the rappel to a different part of the face, and held the teams until the ropes were safely installed, but then Thule was let go with their 50 minute lead. Both teams will be credited for the waiting time.

A slight distance back, Team Light & Motion, Team Bones and Gear Junkie/Yogaslackers are trading back and forth, which will increase as sleep strategies come into play. Gear Junkie and Yogaslackers have already slept for a couple of hours while Light & Motion ran through the night (the team was equiped with Solite 150s, the Stella 300 and a Seca 1400!) to overtake these teams, and are closing in on Bones.

The mood of the racers remains light, despite the difficulty: Mari Chandler of Team Bones quipped “I’ve already wiped out 3 times, and I’m just getting warmed up!” The racers have been treated to an amazing first day, going from the gondola ride-start to high-altitude single track, and then spotting a family of five wolves playing on the neighboring snowfield while they handed bikes down a permanent mini-glacier.

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