Live Instagram seminar with Stella Pro Ambassador Scot Robert Lim on how to set up and shoot studio photography in your home.

Scott will spend 15-20 minutes demoing different techniques, and then take questions from viewers.  At the end he will announce how to win a prize package from Stella Pro Lights and B&H.

How to view:

  • Follow @scottrobertlim on Instagram
  • Join his story on 4/2/20 at 4 PM PT.


Light & Motion Stella CL 1000/2500

A revolutionary solution for content creators whose images include both underwater and topside footage, the CL 1000/2500 is the first professional grade hybrid light in an ultra-compact design. With the ability to illuminate underwater at a full 2500 lumens but transition seamlessly to topside use at 1000 lumens – the compact CL 1000/2500UW is ideal to mount on both topside cameras and underwater camera rigs.​

Impact LS-RL7 7.2' Reverse Legs Light Stand​

It is a lightweight support that's ideal for location work or in the studio for use with a small lights or to hold reflectors. This is one of the few stands to be able to sit completely flush to the floor where they can be taped down or sandbagged to stabilize its load. The LS-RL7's unique design allows the legs to fold up around the central risers somewhat like an inverted umbrella. The result is a 7.2' light stand that breaks down to only 19.5" - short enough to fit in even the smallest light kit bags. ​

Westcott Optical White Satin Diffusion Umbrella (32")​

The 32" Optical White Satin Diffusion Umbrella from Westcott is a light modifier that exhibits wide coverage, low contrast and a substantial boost in the ambient light level. Sturdily built with fiberglass rods and a metal shaft, this umbrella is well-suited to portraiture, providing fill light and high key effects. It also has the ability to become a shoot-through modifier. Instead of traditionally bouncing your light source inside the umbrella, turn it around and aim the convex side of the umbrella toward your subject. ​