SoLite was Chad Denning’s Secret Weapon in the Stone Cat 50

December 28, 2013

1st lap was dark of course out of the gate and I brought my Light & Motion Solite 150 which was the perfect light for that run.  I needed every lumen that light could throw at the trail. With the downed leaves and the crazy corkscrew trail it was easy to get off trail.  Once I got by a bunch of folks in the first mile it was just me and David Herr running at a pretty fast clip through the dark woods.  We hit the football field long water obstacle at the 3.5 mile point and Dave started to pick up the pace and I just let him go not wanting to get out of my element too early in the race.  I basically ran in NO Man’s land for the remainder of the race from that point on.  Felt great the entire lap and ran a 1:35 lap.

Crossed the tape in 6:56 and very ecstatic to have set a goal and better yet met my goal that day!  It was just icing on the cake for me to have finished in the top 3 as that really was not on my radar….

Note: Chad Denning’s experience as both an endurance runner and Adventure Athlete helped inform the evolution of the Solite. Chad puts all of our lights through rigorous tests on xc skiis, dangerous traverses, on the water. Chad recommended that we increase the run time to at least 8 hours with at least 100 lumens to provide a good usable beam for running obstacles in endurance events. Enter the Solite 250 EX with a run time of 4 hours at 250 lumens,  8 hours at 125 lumens,  30 hours at 50 lumens and a read mode at 7 lumens for 150 hours!