Light & Motion has stood as a leader in the Underwater Imaging community for 30 years! Founded in 1989 on the shores of Monterey, California, our success and drive to innovate year after year would not be possible without your support.  Take advantage of our Customer Loyalty Promotion and save 25% on our top Sola lights.  Use code SOLA-LOYALTY-2019 upon checkout now through Oct. 31st for this exclusive offer.  See promo lights below:


Promotional Lights (Use Code SOLA-LOYALTY-2019 )

Sola Video Pro 15000

Designed for professional underwater photo/video featuring ultra-powerful regulated output and dome port for wide-angle work.


Sola Video Pro 12000

Take underwater photo and video creation to the next level with the advanced Sola Video platform with innovative dome optic for wide-angle work.


Double Dive 1X 15K Kit

An essential imaging kit combining the Sola Video Pro 15000 with a replaceable body module allowing a fully charged battery swap in seconds.


Double Dive 2X 15K Kit

The ultimate kit for remote dive expeditions combining two Sola Video Pro 15000 lights with innovative body modules which provide fast, safe battery swaps.


Sola Dive Pro 2000

Designed to meet the demands of dive professionals with advanced optics for a penetrating spot, extended runtime modes, and fast charge electronics.


Sola Video 2500 Flood

Regulated output, SOLA reliability, and a 60º flood beam beam pattern provides the perfect, cost-effective light for underwater imaging.


Sola Video 2500 Action Kit

The ultimate turn-key imaging solution with action and compact cameras providing dual 2500 lumen video lights with an innovative travel-friendly tray.


Stella CL 1000/2500 UW

Designed for underwater image creators that travel light and want versatile, professional lighting that works both above and below the surface.


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