• Stella Pro CL Combo Kit

Stella Pro CL Combo Kit


Designed specifically for fast-moving broadcast crews that know every second matters to get the shot.

Max Output

10000 Lumens

Runtime on High




Color Temp


Charge Time

120 Mins

IP Rating


Add Recommended Accessories

CL Tungsten Fan Head


DTAP Cable Pro


Car Cable Pro


SKU: 850-0417-A

Stella Pro CL Combo Kit

Compact, powerful, and rugged, the CL Combo Kit provides cinema-quality lighting that sets up fast and goes anywhere at a moments notice. The combination of the highest output CL 10000c corded and untethered CL 8000 RF lights plus the fully waterproof Stella Pro 5000 RF equips crews to create high-quality content on any location, anywhere. Powerful enough for use in the studio and perfect for on location “Live Shots” in direct sun or in the most challenging weather, the Combo Kit provides more production value to broadcast professionals than any other kit in the industry.


  • The Stella Pro Combo Kit includes everything you need for professional 3-point lighting: 1  CL 5000 RF light, 1 x CL 8000 RF Light, 1 x CL 10,000c, wireless remote, an array of compact portable modifiers, mounts, in a 28 lb travel-friendly roller case.
  • High-output COB array delivers the optical characteristic of a single-point light. A smooth, even, 120° beam can be easily shaped and modified to provide a hard or soft light that renders colors beautifully with consistent, regulated output.
  • RF hand held wireless control gives broadcast professionals the ability to control the settings of one or multiple lights up to 200 meters.
  • The Integrated Li-ion battery allows the RF lights to run cord free. The lights can travel checked or carry on.
  • The super compact, robust Stella Pro 10,000c delivers 200 W HMI equivalent from AC or optional D-Tap accessory.
  • For longer shoots simply plug any of the lights into a AC or DC power source including DTap Gold-mount/V-Lock battery ‘bricks’ (DTap cable optional)
  • Intuitive Controls: Dimming with stepped or continuous smooth control, OLED Digital Display offers precise readout of RF settings, output, battery and charge status
  • 120° Beam Angle: Easily adjust the native beam via a broad range of portable modifiers including a 25° Fresnel , 50° diffused optic, and innovative glo-bulb
  • High Output COB ‘Chip on Board’ LED eliminates the multi-shadow effect that can be a problem with panel-style light sources and keeps the light footprint small

What's in the Box?

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Stella Pro CL 5000 RF

Lighting without limits, the fully waterproof cinema-grade light excels in the harshest of environments.
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Stella Pro CL 8000 RF

The world's most technologically advanced continuous light, the CL 8000 RF takes lighting to the next level.
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Stella Pro CL 10000c

Revolutionary power from an AC/DC corded single-point LED that fits in the palm of the hand and outshines a 200W HMI light.
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EL Remote Control

Control single or groups of Light & Motion continuous lights that have an integrated RF receiver.
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Umbrella Holder YS Mount Base

Replacement YS mount base integrates an umbrella holder to add versatility to powerful CL lights.
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C-Stand Mount

Secure continuous lights on a C-Stand (5/8") with this mount that includes thumbscrew for baby pin attachment.
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High Leverage Handle

Handle attaches to the YS mount base of CL Lights allowing smooth and precise control when pivoting light.
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Barn Doors Light Modifier

Shape and control a continuous light's beam with press-on barn doors that integrate the DM (Direct Mount) Interface
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50° Optic

Narrows the beam of CL lights from 120° to 50° and provides a smooth beam with gentle light fall off.
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25° Fresnel, 82mm

An indispensable light shaping tool provides a hard, 25° spot to overcome sunlight or isolate a subject.
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3″ Speed Ring Gel Holder, 82mm

Attaches securely to the Stella bezel for use with Chimera softbox speed ring adapters or 3x3 hard gels.
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Glo Bulb, 82mm

Perfect for top-down lighting, the Glo Bulb diffuses and evenly spreads light similar to a ‘Chinese Lantern’.
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Profoto Adapter

Adapter ring clasps to light's bezel to attach Profoto OCF speed rings and compatible OCF modifiers.
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External Power Supply 24V 60W

PSE certified power supply that includes both charger and US dongle for powerful CL and Sola Pro lights.
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External Power Supply 24V 140W

Replacement PSE certified power supply that includes both charger and US dongle for the Stella Pro 10000c.
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Hard Rolling Case

Compact and durable, this carry-on compliant hard case roller features a custom padded divider for lights and accessories.
Lumens 10000 (high), 700 (low)
Beam Angle 120° (flood), 120° (native), 50° (modified), 25° - 120° (range)
Color Temperature 5600k
CRI 92
LUX 20750
Charge Time 120 min
Fast Charge Yes
IP Rating (FL-1) 68
Depth Rating (FL-1) 100 meter(s)
Impact Resistance (FL-1) 1 meter
Product Weight 12330 grams
Product Dimensions 22" x 14.5" x 9.5"
Compatible Mounts C-Stand, Camera, ¼-20 Adaptor

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you travel by air with the CL lights?

The Light & Motion continuous lights with integrated lithium-ion batteries can be safely transported in carry on and checked luggage because the batteries are safely installed/integrated in the light (unlike spare lithium-ion batteries). To travel safely just ensure that the master on/off button is in the "off" position.
Most airlines have restrictions for "spare" Lithium-ion batteries and these can't travel in checked baggage. The "spare" lithium-ion batteries also have restrictions for travel in carry on with limits to 2 x spare batteries of 100+ watts. The batteries we use in our products are below 90 watts and most importantly are "installed" in the device which permits them to travel in carry on or checked baggage.
Airline Specifications for Lithium-ion batteries are found in the link below and clearly specify that lithium-ion batteries installed in electronic devices can travel in carry on or checked baggage: Here is an excerpt from the regulation FAQs:
"Question 2. What kinds of batteries does the FAA allow in checked baggage (including gate-checked bags)?" 
"Answer 2. Except for spare (uninstalled) lithium metal and lithium-ion batteries, all the batteries allowed in carry-on baggage are also allowed in checked baggage. The batteries must be protected from damage and short circuit or installed in a device." (The Stella batteries are installed).
You can read the full document guidelines here:
Here is our operating manual link for operating instructions:

What are soft light options for CL lights?

Light & Motion CL lights are natively a "hard" light which produces a pure light that delivers a single shadow and supports dramatic journalistic and Film Noir lighting styles. The hard light is also perfect when shooting on location in bright sunlight as it mimics the sun and can provide an even fill for "live shots" or portraits. There are many options to create a soft or softer light using Stella lights: The portable Dome Diffusion accessory creates a wide diffuse light - perfect for portraits. The GloBulb can be used  to create a soft light for portraits or interviews. To create a large soft source, CL lights can be shot into a medium to large shoot-through umbrellas or into a parabolic umbrella with a sock. To do this you will need to add an Umbrella Holder Mount Kit. All of our  lights can be used with an umbrella with the Umbrella Holder Mount Kit. Additionally, CL lights can be paired with a number of 3rd-party light shaping tools: DoP Choice Snap Bags (no speedring required), and Profoto Softboxes/Octas and Elinchrom by adding our Profoto Adapter Ring. Lastly, COB lighting can be used shot through a diffusion panel, bounced off of a wall or modified with available materials - experiment and be creative with Light & Motion lights as so many options are available when starting with a pure hard light.

Battery Life: How many cycles will the integrated batteries provide and how are they replaced?

We use premium Panasonic cells in our lights which are high-capacity, stable batteries. They deliver consistent runtimes with regulated constant output. Our batteries are specified for 500 cycles but in practice our professional customers using the lights daily are experiencing much longer battery life than 500 cycles. Batteries that no longer have capacity can be replaced in our Marina, CA factory for a nominal fee. We can provide battery replacement and a full service of the light for $350 (or nominal fee)  if and when needed. In addition to long life, one of the advantages of our integrated battery lights is the ability to travel with these integrated battery lights on carry on or in checked baggage.  You can read more about this on our FAQ on "Traveling with your Stella Lights".

CL 5000 Lumen Graph

CL 8000 Lumen Graph

CL 10000 Lumen Graph

CL 5000 Lux Diagram

CL 8000 Lux Diagram

CL 10000c

On Location

Light & Motion on set in the Himalayas

Mark Fisher of Fisher Creative relies on Light & Motion LED lights for much of his captivating documentaries. His latest film, Soundtrek, details legendary Paul Oakenfold and his quest to bring the party to Everest Basecamp. Watch as Mark explains why Light & Motion's portable continuous lights were vital for many scenes in the film.


Essential Lighting for Adventure

Director and photographer Corey Rich uses Light & Motion single point LED lights to enhance his stills and motion work. The small, portable lights easily stash away in a pack allowing adventure filmmakers like Corey the ability to enhance imagery with minimal weight and quick setup.

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Perfect timing to capture the ideal moment defines my world. In the ‘run and gun’ realm of news gathering there are no second chances.  There are no routine days in news - demands are constantly changing and no two days are alike. News can occur in any location, at any time, in any weather and I need to be prepared.

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Stella Camera Lights Support Film Crew for Sea Shepherd Mission

I’m a documentary television producer and cinematographer. Since 2012, I’ve traveled to Antarctica every winter to shoot a popular American television show. Knowing that we’d be encountering some of the worst weather we’d ever faced, I decided to fundamentally alter our approach to production at sea by swapping our usual lighting gear for the most robust, waterproof, and effective fixtures we could find.

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