• Taz 1200
  • Taz 1200
  • Taz 1200

Taz 1200


The ultimate road and trail handlebar light option designed for riders who want a powerful, wide beam.

Max Output

1200 Lumens

Runtime on High

90 Mins


216 Grams

Charge Time

210 Mins

IP Rating


Impact Resistance

1 Meter

Add Recommended Accessories

USB AC Adapter 2.0A


SKU: 856-0454-A

Taz 1200

Taz has distinguished itself as an unrivaled cross-over light, with a perfect combination of high-power in a compact, battery integrated design.  By utilizing two battery cells, Taz is one of the few cycling lights on the market able to achieve full regulated output – meaning the light does not dim as battery life is depleted.  Custom-engineered optics do not waste light and is specifically engineered to provide cyclists a wide beam ideal for handlebar illumination.  A penetrating LED array gives a powerful spot beam in conjunction with a diffused flood beam ideal for both road and trail use to provide exceptional range of vision for serious rides.  Amber sidelights and a daytime pulse mode ensure road visibility but a secondary button allows the side lighting to be turned off when on the trail.


  • 1200 Lumen Output certified to the FL-1 Standard with high powered CREE LED array
  • Custom engineered reflector/optics provide wide reaching beam pattern close up with a powerful penetrating spot beam further out
  • Advanced electronics regulates power to keep lumen output remains constant through entire runtime to ensure you have full illumination during the entire ride
  • One-touch ‘Race Mode’ enables riders to conveniently toggle between high and medium output to focus on the trail ahead
  • Accurate battery status indication illuminates the power button with three different colors to clearly display remaining runtime with 4 levels
  • Innovative amber side lighting increases overall visibility on the road and can be turned off for trail riding
  • Mount to a handlebar with a simple but thoughtfully designed strap that cinches light to bar to prevent movement in bumpy terrain
  • Waterproof design provides all-weather reliability and long-term assurance Taz will hold up to all riding conditions
  • Micro USB fast charge technology will fully charge the battery in 3.5 hours

What's in the Box?

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Taz Mount

Secure the innovative Taz light to both regular or oversize handlebars with this replacement mount.
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Micro USB Cable

Micro USB Charge cable is compatible with a range of Light & Motion lights and other accessories as well.
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GoPro Mount, Taz

Leverage the wide variety of third party GoPro mounts for the Taz bike light with this GoPro mount adapter.
Lumens 1200 (high), 600 (medium), 300 (low), 300 (pulse)
Runtime 90 min (high), 180 min (medium), 360 min (low), 525 min (pulse)
Beam Angle 25° (spot)
Charge Time 210 min
Fast Charge Yes
IP Rating (FL-1) 67
Depth Rating (FL-1) 1 meter(s)
Impact Resistance (FL-1) 1 meter
Product Weight 216 grams
Product Dimensions 2" x 1.8" x 4.2"
Compatible Mounts Bar, GoPro

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the 3 LED array of the Taz provide more light?

The Taz uses an LED design that provides a wider beam pattern that also reaches farther than a single point LED. This optimizes a riders field-of-view, making riding safer and more convenient.

Can Taz be both a commuter and trail light?

Taz has distinguished itself as an unrivaled cross-over light, with a perfect combination of high-power in a compact, battery integrated design. Optional side lighting for improved safety and a wide beam pattern provides daily commuters excellent clarity of road conditions. The powerful spot LEDs also allow for exceptional range of vision for serious road or trail rides.

What is Race Mode, and how does it improve my riding experience?

Race Mode is better explained as a one touch toggle feature; enabling riders to conveniently toggle between high and medium output to conveniently conserve battery as riding conditions change. Typically you need more light when moving at higher speeds, and less when climbing or traveling at a slower pace.


Beam Pattern


Taz Optical Design

The perfect light is defined by beam precision; we have scientifically designed our optics for the ultimate user experience. Featuring an illumination pattern void of distracting hard edges, all Light & Motion lights enhance a rider's field of vision and obstacle awareness. Taz lights boast a dual-beam design with a powerful spot ideal for spotting far down the road or trail with a diffused flood, best for technical sections and tight, twisty corners.


Waterproof Reliability

Does a bike light really need to be waterproof? The number one cause of bike light failure - both from ultra-cheap 'blinkies' to premium lights - is water immersion. No matter if a rider gets stuck in a passing storm or finds condensation build-up before an early morning ride, having a light that is fully waterproof is essential for longterm reliability. Light & Motion builds the only cycling light brand committed to a product line with a certified IP67 waterproof rating.

Bike Lights & the FL-1 Standard

Light & Motion is the first bike light company to adopt and certify every light to the FL-1 Standard, a testing protocol to scientifically measure a light’s brightness, run-time, and water/impact resistance.  This gives you the consumer an accurate and honest way to evaluate lights and allows us to honestly stand behind our products because they have been certified to perform.

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Product Testing = A Better Customer Experience

Product testing starts with our deeply held belief that our integrity as a company will be reflected in the products we create and our customers’ experiences with them.  In other words, making great products isn’t mainly about engineering features and specifications, but about a relentless passion for excellence in everything we do as a whole company.

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