• Seca 2500 Enduro
  • Seca 2500 Enduro
  • Seca 2500 Enduro
  • Seca 2500 Enduro
  • Seca 2500 Enduro

Seca 2500 Enduro


The ultimate trail light ready for epic adventure with premium power and unmatched innovation.

Max Output

2500 Lumens

Runtime on High

150 Mins


495 Grams

Charge Time

300 Mins

IP Rating


Impact Resistance

1 Meter

Add Recommended Accessories

Stick-On Mount, Bar Style


6 Cell Battery


SKU: 856-0653-A

Seca 2500 Enduro

The ultimate off-road light is much more than powerful output, Seca features the most robust, compact, effective design for fast singletrack adventure seekers.  Custom-engineered optics assure no light is wasted – a penetrating LED array aids riders to distinguish obstacles well in advance in addition to a diffused flood to illuminate directly in front of the tire to help in slow technical sections.  With an IP67 waterproof rating (1 meter submersible) with the external battery, Seca is built to last through years of daily trail abuse.  The Enduro edition features the impressive 6 cell battery preferred for extended night adventure and solo adventure racers.


  • 2500 Lumen output certified to the FL-1 Standard
  • Premium illumination from a 4 LED array with industry leading CREE LEDs
  • Custom engineered reflector/optics diffuses flood LED to provide ultra-wide beam pattern and focuses spot LEDs to maximize forward visibility
  • Advanced electronics with custom firmware keeps lumen output from sudden drops
  • Additional ‘Race Mode’ feature enables riders to conveniently toggle between high and medium output
  • Illuminated power button with low-runtime indicator and enhanced tactile engagement specifically for gloves
  • Waterproof design provides all-weather reliability (submersible up to 1 meter with battery connected)
  • Multiple mounting options include helmet, handlebar, and GoPro interface
  • 6 cell Enduro battery pack is ready for extended night rides and securely mounts to frame with included velcro strap

What's in the Box?

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Seca 2500 Lighthead

Upgrade an existing Seca lighting system with a 2500 lumen lighthead compatible with 3 or 6 cell batteries.
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Seca Bar Mount

Replacement handlebar mount for Seca Trail lights that features the same low-profile setup as the stock unit.
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GoPro Mount, Seca

Leverage the wide variety of third party GoPro mounts for your bike with this GoPro mount adapter.
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Battery Strap

Replacement battery strap for Light & Motion 3 and 6 cell high performance Li-ion battery packs.
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6 Cell Battery

Designed for off grid locations, the high capacity lithium-ion battery pack ensures lights don't run out of power.
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Smart Charger

Smart charger will recharge Light & Motion 2, 3, and 6 cell battery packs and features a multi-color charge indicator.
Lumens 2500 (high), 1250 (medium), 625 (low), 625 (pulse)
Runtime 150 min (high), 300 min (medium), 600 min (low), 1200 min (pulse)
Beam Angle 25° (spot)
Charge Time 300 min
Fast Charge No
IP Rating (FL-1) 67
Depth Rating (FL-1) 1 meter(s)
Impact Resistance (FL-1) 1 meter
Product Weight 495 grams
Product Dimensions 2.4" x 1.6" x 2.2"
Compatible Mounts Bar, GoPro, Helmet

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of riding conditions would I need a Seca?

Seca provides the furthest reaching and broadest beam of any light, ideal for fast technical riding, or to maximize your field of view of the trail.

What are the benefits of a Seca over other lights?

Seca offers an external power supply; 2 battery sizes depending on the riders needs. A larger 6 cell offers the most runtime and the 3 cell is portable and convenient enough to place in a jersey pocket or backpack if you mount the seca to a helmet. External batteries are perfect for endurance riding and race scenarios.

Does Seca work well on a helmet?

Yes, Seca is a very lightweight and powerful light. Since it has an external battery the 120 gram lighthead is perfect for the helmet. A strap on helmet mount or GoPro adapter part can be used with a GoPro helmet mount for a lower profile set-up.

Beam Pattern

Night Ride

Night Laps with Simon Drouin

"As the days are getting shorter and shorter, time to ride in daylight is shrinking. I used Light & Motion Seca lights for the making of this video, and it has been awesome to realize that I could ride pretty much the same stuff that I ride in broad daylight!" - Simon Drouin, MTB Coach and Sherbrooke Quebec Local Ripper, @simondrouin


Seca Optical Precision

The perfect light is defined by beam precision; we have scientifically designed our optics for the ultimate user experience. Featuring an illumination pattern void of distracting hard edges, all Light & Motion lights enhance a rider's field of vision and obstacle awareness. Seca lights boast a dual-beam design with a powerful spot ideal for spotting far down the road or trail with a diffused flood, best for technical sections and tight, twisty corners.

Bike Lights & the FL-1 Standard

Light & Motion is the first bike light company to adopt and certify every light to the FL-1 Standard, a testing protocol to scientifically measure a light’s brightness, run-time, and water/impact resistance.  This gives you the consumer an accurate and honest way to evaluate lights and allows us to honestly stand behind our products because they have been certified to perform.

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25 Hrs of Frog Hollow

The 25 Hours in Frog Hollow bills itself as the longest mtb race in America. It takes the standard 24 hour race and adds an hour by taking place on the weekend that we roll our clocks back an hour for the change from daylight savings time to standard time. The race venue happens to be set in one of the most picturesque areas of the country,  a beautiful location near Zion National Park. “Frog Town” begins to take shape on Friday before the race starts on a high plateau with dramatic views of cliffs and rock outcroppings on all sides.

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