• Vya Headlight Mount

Vya Headlight Mount


Additional Vya Headlight mount allows switching light between various bikes a matter of seconds.

SKU: 804-0256-B

Vya Headlight Mount

The ultra-compact Vya Headlight Series is the perfect lighting solution for effortless, smart safety. With extra bar mounts the light can be switched between various bikes in seconds – perfect for families or those with multiple bikes. The included non-slip strap easily fits around oversize bars but can be cut down for an ideal fit on small handlebars.


  • Innovative twist-lock system ensures Vya will lock into mount
  • Secure design allows Vya Pro Headlight mount to be placed above or below the handlebar due to its unique design.  Vya Headlight is designed to be mounted in front of stem.
  • Compatible with Vya Pro Headlight and standard Vya Headlight

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Product Testing = A Better Customer Experience

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