• High Leverage Handle

High Leverage Handle


Handle attaches to the YS mount base of CL Lights allowing smooth and precise control when pivoting light.

SKU: 800-0306-A

High Leverage Handle

Replacement handle provides ultimate control of Light & Motion continuous lights.  Easily attaches to the YS mount base allowing smooth control when pivoting light and can be tightened to secure the light in place.


Frequently Asked Questions


Wedding Photographers Love Continuous Lights

Wedding photographers have to move with speed and grace to capture every important moment of their client's wedding day. Having tools that are lightweight, reliable, and can be handheld means that the photographer can spend more time engaged with the wedding party and let his/her eye decide what is the perfect scene to capture.

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Continuous Light Innovation: Designed to Outperform

Light & Motion has been building high performance lighting solutions for rugged environments since 1989. As a pioneer in underwater imaging lights, we have worked with professionals demanding lightweight gear that works no matter what. As workflows have changed, smaller teams have been pushed to accomplish more.  We have adapted our lighting platform to do more as well, engineering designs that can go anywhere with flawless performance.

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