• 2-Cell Li-Ion Battery Pack

2-Cell Li-Ion Battery Pack


Add a high-capacity replacement lithium-ion 2 Cell Battery to an Imjin bike light or Seca 2200d drone light.

SKU: 804-0118-A

2-Cell Li-Ion Battery Pack

Extend night adventures with an additional 2 Cell Battery designed to be used with the Imjin bike light or Seca 2200d Drone Light. High capacity lithium-ion battery ensures long runtime in a lightweight package and includes battery cage with an adjustable rubber strap.


  • Ultra lightweight spare/replacement lithium-ion battery
  • Rubber battery strap included mounts on most frames, stems and helmets
  • Requires Smart External Battery Charger (will not charge with older Multi-Chem chargers)
  • Compatible with Imjin Bike Lights or the Seca 2200d drone light
  • Light and charger not included

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