Sailing is my Ride on the Water

February 6, 2014

By Heidi Hall

For the same reason I love to ride a bike, I go sailing.

Hoist the sails and the boat comes alive – you don’t need a motor, you just harness the wind. A breath of air reaches the sail, and you are pulled forward; a subtle shift, and the sail must be trimmed or tiller turned to change your heading. It’s a choreographed dance between you, the sails, and the rudder. The wind writes the score: “trim in, now on the wind, fall off, jibe, dead down wind.” The breeze kicks up and the boat lifts off, gliding over the waves; you are flying. Bring in the sail and steer down the wave and the boat breaks free and planes, skimming over the surface of the water, no longer held fast by the resistance of the water.

Far offshore, you feel the enormity of the planet – it is exhilarating. Below your thin shell, silent, invisible creatures swim, and in the distance, a rising plume of spray names a whale. And beyond? Miles of blue ocean. Night comes and the sound of the water lapping at the hull is a lullaby. Stars emerge, not above, but in the bio luminescence of the tiny fish streaking through the water as you look over the rail.

Sailing is my ride on the water, like the bike it gives me a great feeling of freedom – out on the sea there is no barrier between you and your natural surroundings.

Heidi Hall is the Brand Development Manager at Light & Motion