Vya Smart Bike Lights for Safety & Convenience

A revolutionary approach to cycling lights, Vya provides effortless safety through auto-sense engineering.


Vya Switch

The revolutionary safety features of Vya with button control for multiple modes.  Great for all day rides and control freaks!


Vya Taillight Rack Mount (GoPro)

Attach the Vya and Vya Pro Taillights to any GoPro compatible bicycle rack mount or third-party GoPro mount.


Vya Taillight Strap

Replacement strap secures Vya and Vya Pro Smart Taillights to a seat post, durable design resists stretching and can be easily cut to size to fit various posts.


Vya Headlight Mount Interface

Vya Headlight Mount Interface securely snaps into Light & Motion handlebar quick release base mounts – use to convert your Urban base mount to Vya.


Vya Seat Rail Mount

Taillight mount ingenuity redefined, the underseat mount is the safest place to secure a rear light for premium visibility.


Vya Taillight Mount

Additional Vya Taillight mount allows switching light between various bikes a matter of seconds.


Vya Headlight Mount

Additional Vya Headlight mount allows switching light between various bikes a matter of seconds.


GoPro Mount, Urban & Vya

Leverage the wide variety of third party GoPro mounts for Urban and Vya headlights with this GoPro mount adapter.


Vya Pro Commuter Combo

The ultimate in commuter technology, designed to provide riders a compact and ultra-visible front and rear lighting set.


Vya Commuter Combo

Powerful SafePulse beam and auto-on convenience is the perfect ultra-compact front/rear combo for urban riders.


Vya Smart Headlight

An urban riders favorite compact headlight, always-on SafePulse beam and 10 hour runtime gets noticed in traffic.


Vya Pro Smart Headlight

Smart safety redefined, the compact Vya Pro is the first bike headlight to automatically adjust riding modes.


Vya Pro Smart Taillight

Be seen over 2KM away, Vya Pro is designed for daily riders who require premium visibility day and night.


Vya Smart Taillight

The future of taillights, smart technology provides effortless safety in an powerful, convenient design.


Urban 500 & Vya Combo

The timeless Urban headlight, a commuting favorite, is paired with the smart Vya, the next evolution in taillights.


Light & Motion is innovating again - Got to love the new motion activated VYA - the moment you start moving the light comes on. The USB plug is built-in to make recharging easy and convenient with no need to carry a cable with you, plus it charges fast!

Beata Wronska