Underwater Lights & Flashlights

Sola defined the compact LED dive light category and continues to lead with the most reliable, compact, powerful dive lights made.

Scuba Diving

Hands free, dual beam, ultra compact and fast charging make Sola the choice for professionals and enthusiasts

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Photography & Video Diving

Powerful continuous lights that can replace strobes to make your photo and video more fun to shoot and more colorful and well defined

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Tech Diving

Ditch your canister light for Sola - smaller, more reliable, long running and more powerful

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Professional Hybrid

The first professional lighting series to seamlessly transition from underwater to topside.

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Underwater Lights


Ideal light for stealth missions when communicating undetected is a matter of life and death.  Doubles as a camera focus light or lobstering light, red beam is not detected by underwater critters for stealth photo setup or successful capture.

Stella AquaTerra Kit

Shoot anywhere in the world above and below the thin blue line in seconds with this powerful light kit.


Sola Video 3800

Compact and powerful, the Sola Video 3800 is an ideal wide angle light for shooters who want professional results in an affordable lighting package.


Double Dive 1X 15K Kit

An essential imaging kit combining the Sola Video Pro 15000 with a replaceable body module allowing a fully charged battery swap in seconds.


Double Dive 2X 15K Kit

The ultimate kit for remote dive expeditions combining two Sola Video Pro 15000 lights with innovative body modules which provide fast, safe battery swaps.


Sola Pro Body Module

Battery pack module designed for Sola Video Pro lights (6L) allows divers to have a fresh battery on their light in a matter of seconds while maintaining Sola reliability.


Stella CL 1000/2500 UW

Designed for underwater image creators that travel light and want versatile, professional lighting that works both above and below the surface.


Sola Dive Pro 2000

Designed to meet the demands of dive professionals with advanced optics for a penetrating spot, extended runtime modes, and fast charge electronics.


Sola Video Pro 12000

Take underwater photo and video creation to the next level with the advanced Sola Video platform with innovative dome optic for wide-angle work.


Sola Video Pro 15000

Designed for professional underwater photo/video featuring ultra-powerful regulated output and dome port for wide-angle work.


Sola Video 2500 Flood

Regulated output, SOLA reliability, and a 60º flood beam beam pattern provides the perfect, cost-effective light for underwater imaging.


Sola Dive 800 S/F

All the premium features and robust reliability of the Sola platform perfect for the traveling diver on a budget.


Stella CL 2000

A favorite of on-location photographers needing a powerful lighting solution in an ultra-compact size.


Stella CL 1000/2500

Ultra-compact design with innovative boost mode ideal for photographers and underwater content creators.


Sidekick Flood

Achieve stellar action camera footage in low light conditions with Sidekick as a companion.


Sidekick Duo S/F

Powerful and ultra-compact with dual beams, Sidekick Duo extends what is possible with action cameras.


GoBe Red Spot

A pure red wavelength of light to provide discreet visibility while preserving night vision.



An exclusive IR flashlight used for public safety, scientific research, or even creative imagery.


GoBe Nightsea Light

Experience the amazing world of fluorescence above and below the surface with the GoBe Nightsea.


Sola Video 2500 Action Kit

The ultimate turn-key imaging solution with action and compact cameras providing dual 2500 lumen video lights with an innovative travel-friendly tray.


Sola 2500 Combo Kit

The gold standard of combo kits, pair the ultra-powerful Sola 2500 with the innovative GoBe 500.


Sola 1200 Combo Kit

A powerful two-punch, this light combo provides divers with an innovative primary and secondary setup.


Sola Nightsea Light

Experience the wonder of fluorescent diving with the original and most powerful dedicated blue light available.


Sola Photo 1200

Ideal companion as a camera focus light, red beam is not detected by underwater critters for stealth photo setup.


Sola Video Pro 3800

The ultimate choice for wide-angle video, premium power with exclusive dome port for professional imaging.


Sola Video 2500 S/F

Professional level illumination with dual beams is the choice for both wide angle and macro imaging.


Sola Video 2000 S/F

The perfect platform for underwater shooters that like to capture wide angle and macro on the same dive.


Sola Dive 2500 S/F

The premium Sola Dive light with an ultra-powerful wide beam that is easily toggled to a penetrating spot.


Sola Dive 1200 Spot

Ultra-powerful spot is the ideal choice for tech diving, challenging visibility, or a macro imaging light.


Sola Dive 2000 S/F

Spot and flood beam versatility with powerful lumen output designed to light up large sections of reef.


Sola Dive 1200 S/F

Perfect for the traveling diver, innovative features and unmatched reliability provide proven performance.


GoBe 500 Spot

The most versatile flashlight available, the GoBe is engineered to be the ultimate waterproof lighting platform.


GoBe 800 Spot FC

A visionary reinvention of the flashlight, the GoBe is engineered to be the ultimate waterproof lighting platform.


GoBe 1000 Wide FC

Powerful performance integrated with unmatched versatility, the compact choice for enhanced underwater video.


Light & Motion offers a great mix of quality products that are well-designed for tough customers like me. After months of difficult field conditions inside icebergs, desert sandstorms and rugged caves I can count on consistent performance.

Jill Heinerth