Underwater Accessories

GoBe to SOLA Mount Adapter

Securely convert your SOLA designed imaging and hand mounts to the GoBe handle with this  innovative adapter.


Sola Pro 15K Body Module

Battery pack module designed for Sola Video Pro lights (6L) allows divers to have a fresh battery on their light in a matter of seconds while maintaining Sola reliability.


GoBe Body 2.6

Create the ultimate flashlight system by adding innovative GoBe Lightheads to this compact battery handle with a high capacity 2.6 Ah battery.


The Camera Tray

The ultimate compact, travel-ready imaging accessory, the Camera Tray was specifically engineered with the GoPro in mind for mounting lights and a camera with flip filter.


Zippered Bag

Safely stash your Light & Motion lights and accessories in the handy soft bag during travel.


Sidekick Extender Bolt Kit

Replacement thumbscrew extender bolt allows Sidekick to mount seamlessly with a GoPro camera.


Sidekick GoPro Mount

Mount Sidekick lights on any existing GoPro interface, a great accessory to use with third party GoPro accessories.


Sidekick Duo Tungsten Filter

Warm the daylight output of the Sidekick Duo to match interior lighting or for specific on-location shoots.


Sidekick Duo Diffuser

Press-on Diffuser softens the Sidekick’s beam ideal for subtle fill light to make the subject pop.


Sidekick Dive Arm Kit

The indispensable Sidekick accessory, this kit helps minimize backscatter from particles when filming underwater.


Sidekick Cold Shoe & Tripod Mount Kit

Add a variety of mounting options to photo/video lights with both cold shoe and 1/4-20 tripod mount adapters.


Sidekick Action Tray Adapter Kit

Mount dual Sidekicks on an action camera tray with 1/2″ Loc-Line arms for a complete ultra-compact lighting setup.


Sola Nightsea Phosphor Filter

Convert the Sola Nightsea blue light into white light for navigation with this secure snap-on filter.


Sola Charger 1A

Compact, travel-friendly charger for exclusive use with Sola Dive 800 and Video 2000 Flood lights.


Sola Charger 2A

Recharge factory-sealed Sola underwater lights with this charger designed for non-fast charge models.


Sola Loc-Line Mount

A secure light mounting option for underwater housings that are set up with 1/2″ Loc-Line arm segments.


Sola Ball Mount

Securely mount ultra-compact Sola lights on a camera housing that uses ball and clamp style arms.


Sola Pro YS Mount

Designed for the Sola Video Pro 9600 only, this YS mount secures to the base of the light to replace the ball mount.


Sola Pro Ball Mount

Exclusively for the Sola Video Pro 9600, this standard 1″ ball mount attaches to ball and clamp housing arms.


Loc-Line Adapter 3/4″ to 1/2″

Mount the ultra-compact Sola lights with 1/2″ Loc-Line Mount to larger 3/4″ Loc-Line arms with this adapter.


Sola 3/4″ Loc-Line Mount

Securely attach the Sola Video Pro 9600 to 3/4″ Loc-Line arms on an underwater camera housing.


Nightsea Mask Filter

This mask filter is the key to the Nightsea experience by blocking out blue light to make fluorescence visible.


GoBe & Sola Hand Strap

A favorite of divers worldwide, the comfortable hand strap allows hands-free use of Sola and GoBe lights.


GoBe YS Mount

Secure the GoBe flashlight on an underwater camera tray or housing arms that utilize the YS attachment interface.


GoBe FC USB Charge Cable

Recharge the premium GoBe FC (Fast Charge) Lights in a mere 3 hours with this USB charge cable.


GoBe and Sidekick USB Charge Cable

Recharge the compact GoBe flashlight or Sidekick camera light with this USB charging cable.


GoBe Lanyard

Secure the innovative GoBe Flashlight to a wrist to avoid dropping it while diving, hiking, boating, etc.


GoBe Imaging Mount Kit

Mount the innovative GoBe flashlight on an underwater camera tray or housing with this Loc-Line and Ball Mount combo kit.


GoBe FC (Fast Charge) Body

Create the ultimate flashlight system by adding innovative GoBe Lightheads to this high capacity Fast Charge body.


GoBe Body 2.2

Create the ultimate flashlight system by adding innovative GoBe Lightheads to this compact battery handle.


GoBe Nightsea Lighthead

Transform GoBe to experience the fluorescence of plants, underwater and terrestrial critters, and minerals.

GoBe IR Lighthead

Take the GoBe system to the next level with an infrared light source used for both technical and creative applications.

GoBe Red Spot Lighthead

Adding a red spot to the GoBe light is perfect for observing shy critters underwater or preserving night vision topside.


GoBe 800 Spot Lighthead

Upgrade your current GoBe system with the ultra-powerful 800 Spot lighthead for ultimate adventure.


GoBe 500 Spot Lighthead

Add versatility to your existing GoBe light system with this the most power-efficient spot beam in the GoBe line.


GoBe 1000 Wide Lighthead

Upgrade a GoBe Fast Charge Body with this powerful 1000 lumen lighthead that provides a smooth, even beam.


1/2″ Loc-Line Pliers

Save time and aggravation swapping Loc-Line segments on an underwater housing with these innovative pliers.