Sola Imaging

The result of close to 30 years of underwater imaging experience, Sola is the preferred platform of divers worldwide.

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Sola Imaging

Sola Video 2000 Action Kit

The ultimate turn-key imaging solution with action and compact cameras providing dual 2000 lumen video lights with an innovative travel-friendly tray.



Sola Nightsea Light

Experience the wonder of fluorescent diving with the original and most powerful dedicated blue light available.


Sola Photo 1200

Ideal companion as a camera focus light, red beam is not detected by underwater critters for stealth photo setup.


Sola Video Pro 9600

Powerful output engineered for world-class imaging, the 9600 Pro is the most widely used light by UW professionals.


Sola Video Pro 3800

The ultimate choice for wide-angle video, premium power with exclusive dome port for professional imaging.


Sola Video 2000 Flood

Ultra-powerful output in a compact, cost-effective package ideal for action and compact camera setups.


Sola Video 2500 S/F

Professional level illumination with dual beams is the choice for both wide angle and macro imaging.


Sola Video 2000 S/F

The perfect platform for underwater shooters that like to capture wide angle and macro on the same dive.


Professional Review

Becky Kagan Schott

Lighting is very important to me in the extreme environments in which I work. My Solas have helped me capture imagery all over the world. Easy to travel with, and so versatile - I can shoot photo, video, and with the AirKit, topside interviews too.