Sidekick: Rechargeable Waterproof LED Light for GoPro Cameras

Turn mediocre low-light GoPro footage into something extraordinary with the help of Sidekick’s powerful illumination.


The Camera Tray

The ultimate compact, travel-ready imaging accessory, the Camera Tray was specifically engineered with the GoPro in mind for mounting lights and a camera with flip filter.


Sidekick Extender Bolt Kit

Replacement thumbscrew extender bolt allows Sidekick to mount seamlessly with a GoPro camera.


Sidekick GoPro Mount

Mount Sidekick lights on any existing GoPro interface, a great accessory to use with third party GoPro accessories.


Sidekick Duo Tungsten Filter

Warm the daylight output of the Sidekick Duo to match interior lighting or for specific on-location shoots.


Sidekick Duo Diffuser

Press-on Diffuser softens the Sidekick’s beam ideal for subtle fill light to make the subject pop.


Sidekick Dive Arm Kit

The indispensable Sidekick accessory, this kit helps minimize backscatter from particles when filming underwater.


Sidekick Cold Shoe & Tripod Mount Kit

Add a variety of mounting options to photo/video lights with both cold shoe and 1/4-20 tripod mount adapters.


Sidekick Action Tray Adapter Kit

Mount dual Sidekicks on an action camera tray with 1/2″ Loc-Line arms for a complete ultra-compact lighting setup.


Sidekick Flood

Achieve stellar action camera footage in low light conditions with Sidekick as a companion.


Sidekick Duo S/F

Powerful and ultra-compact with dual beams, Sidekick Duo extends what is possible with action cameras.


1/2″ Loc-Line Pliers

Save time and aggravation swapping Loc-Line segments on an underwater housing with these innovative pliers.


1/2″ Loc-Line Arm

Flexible Loc-Line arms are the preferred choice to quickly adjust light positions on an underwater housing.